Women's Casual High Waist Stretch Pants

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Please refer to the size chart below to find your correct size:

  • High-strength elasticity👉The actual stretching effect of the product is greater than the size shown in the size chart, so you can try it with confidence
  • Inseam measurement: Inseam is not the length of the pants. The inseam is the length of the inside of the leg, from the top of the thigh to the ankle. To find out your exact inseam length, you need to choose an existing pair of pants that fit you and measure them by placing them on your bed, floor, or other flat place. The measurement from inseam to hem of your pants is your inseam length. Choosing your size based on inseam is simpler and more precise.
  • Inches to centimeters: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)


  • Ultra comfortable sport - Style forward
    Transform your look with stretch pants – designed for functionality and style, allowing you to exude flexibility and timeless elegance with every step you take!

  • Unlimited activities
    Made from 100% stretch twill fabric, the stretch pants stretch in all directions to ensure maximum comfort during a variety of activities. Whether you're sitting, leaning or moving, the stretch pants adapt to your movements without putting pressure on your upper body.

  • Easy to take care of
    Discover the sleek silhouette of stretch pants with a high waist that effortlessly flatters your tummy for comfort and style. It will make you look more sophisticated every time you wear it and is suitable for all occasions.

  • The sleek fit of the stretch pants flatters every curve in just the right way – neither too tight nor too loose, ensuring you feel great!
  • Get dressed in seconds
    The stretchy pants feature an elasticated waist and faux buttons to get you dressed in style in seconds - an easy upgrade from traditional buttons and drawstrings.

  • Cool and comfortable all day long
    Wear cotton twill for superior breathability and flexibility beyond standard work pants. These pants keep you cooler and more comfortable, making them ideal for both active and casual days.

  • Sustainable
    Made with durability in mind, the stretch pants are pilling, fading and wrinkle resistant, ensuring they will become a staple in your wardrobe season after season.

  • Stay organized on the go
    The 4 pockets of the stretch pants allow you to easily carry your essentials wherever you go, ensuring that everything you need for any adventure is easily stored.

  • Easy and versatile
    Stretch pants easily transition from casual to formal, offering endless styling options. Wear it all year round, comfortable and stylish!

Product Information:

  • Material: 100% stretch twill (cotton-polyester-spandex blend)
  • Sizes: S - 3XL

Package includes:

  • 1 pc * Women's Casual High Waist Stretch Pants

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