USB Charging Waterproof P50 LED Flashlight

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  • Super bright flashlight:¬†¬†Highest lumens up to 90000 lumens powerful led¬†flashlight¬†use the latest imported xlamp xhp70.2 led or xlamp xhp50
  • 26650 flashlight:¬†¬†use the 2 * 18650 or 2 * 26650 battery case to extend the working time
  • Battery capacity display, zoom LED flashlight¬†:¬†¬†telescope¬†zoom
  • USB flashlight:¬†¬†Micro USB for computer USB, car USB, USB charging plug, charging flashlight
  • Made from an¬†¬†aero grade¬†aluminum alloy:¬†Robust, hard-anodized HAIII material for military use
  • Waterproof according to IPX-6:¬†water-resistant, can be used in rainy weather, but not put in water
  • Suitable for¬†:¬†¬†working, hunting, climbing, fishing, camping and outdoor activities, etc.


  1. To avoid eye injuries, do not illuminate the eyes directly.
  2. No overpressure, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V, please do not reverse the battery, otherwise the circuit board will be burned.
  3. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the charger when charging, do not overcharge or discharge the battery in order not to impair the service life of the battery (the charging time is usually 5 to 8 hours).
  4. When using the flashlight, make sure nothing is loose on any of the threads. Otherwise, the light may become bright.
  5. The flashlight should be protected from sunlight and high temperatures; after use, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.
  6. The flashlight is waterproof and the rain will not cause any problems, but it does not function as a diver, so do not carry this flashlight to dive or put it in the sink or bathtub for long periods of time.
  7. Wipe the petroleum jelly off the surface 2-3 times a year to prevent the O-ring (rubber seal ring) and thread from turning easily.
  8. The high power of the flashlight has heat and the brightness is proportional to the heat.


  • Light bulb:¬†¬†XML P50
  • Model of the LED beads:¬†¬†XHP70.2
  • Body material:¬†¬†aluminum alloy
  • Lens¬†material:¬†convex lens
  • Emitting color:¬†¬†white light
  • Charger:¬†¬†Micro USB
  • Micro USB Charger output voltage:¬†¬†5.0V
  • Flashlight input voltage:¬†¬†5.0V
  • Feature:¬†¬†power display, zoom dimming

Package include:

  • 1 x P50 Charging Light Flashlight
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x packing box

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