Table Tennis Trainer Set

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ūüŹď¬†Table tennis¬†trainer ūüŹď
play table tennis at home 


  • Table tennis trainer, stretch, disposable, easy to use,¬†¬†practical, with no venue restrictions, sports outdoor products.
  • It relaxes the lens of the eyeball, is simple and practical, and can¬†play table tennis anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhance family members entertainment and¬†increase¬†family member¬†emotions in the game,¬†especially good for grandparent and child interaction.¬†
  • Training the reaction speed¬†of children and the elderly can be an interesting competition.
  • Help children¬†grow up healthier¬†and¬†spend¬†less time with electronic products.


  • Base material: ABS plastic
  • Flexible fiber material: carbon fiber composite material
  • Racket material:¬†wood


  • 1 √ó¬†base + 1 √ó¬†flexible support rod.
  • 3¬†√ó special training balls.¬†
  • 2 √ó training rackets.¬†ūüŹď


  • Training balls cannot be replaced by ordinary balls.

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