Stretchable food silicone lid, 6 pieces

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Specification: Transparent (1 Set)
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Functions :

  • Health and safety
    Made with a 100% food safe silicone lid, BPA free material. Just place the silicone lid on your food and heat it in the oven or microwave.

  • Universal cover set
    The set comes in 6 different sizes to fit different containers: jars, cups, salad bowls, pots, pans, etc.

  • Reusable and economical
    Made of high quality silicone, these silicone lids are durable. It is suitable for daily use and it is reusable.

  • Easily find what you need
    The transparent silicone lid makes it easy to see the vegetables or other food you're looking for. The lid is made of food grade material. Safe for adults and children.

  • Suitable for fruits and vegetables
    Also suitable for preserving the freshness of sliced ​​fruits and vegetables, such as melons, onions, pineapples, etc.

    Specifications :

    • Material :   Silicone
    • Color :   Blue, Clear
    • Quantity :  1 set of 6 pieces
    • Diameter: 6,8 cm; 9,5 cm; 11,5 cm; 14,3 cm; 16,5 cm; 20 cm.

    The package includes:

    • 1  set  OR  2   sets   * Food grade silicone stretch lid 

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