Strong Adhesive Stickers

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  • Waist storage design, strong viscosity, stable fixed mobile phone and small objects.
  • Easy to store, can be attached to wood, glass, and rough walls.
  • Small and convenient, you can take it with you.
  • Our gel pad has been solving small problems in your life, bringing a lot of convenience to your life and meeting your requirements. It is a magical gel pad.

How to use:

💎Before using, first ensure that the contact surface of the silicone rubber mat is clean and dry (not suitable for paper, fine surface, lime wall surface, rough surface, granular surface)

💎Peel off a film on the silicone rubber mat, paste it on the surface of the object you need, press it for five seconds, then tear the film on the other side and paste the

💎product you want to fix (avoid long-term use, avoid Place some valuable or irreplaceable items on it).

💎If the viscosity is found to be weak, please check if there is dust, rinse with water, use it after drying, but do not wipe it with paper!

💎Avoid prolonged vertical or inverted adhesion to prevent accidental damage.


  • 🍀Gewicht: 50G
  • 🍀Größe: 5CMx5CMx5CM
  • 🍀Material: PU glue

Package: 1 * one Strong Adhesive Stickers

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