Specific pain relief patch for knee synovitis

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Why do we get synovitis?

 Bone calcium loss in the elderly, strenuous exercise in athletes, long-term weight bearing and chronic worker fatigue, women who are not careful to keep warm, and inappropriate footwear will increase the load on the knee joint of athletes, which aggravate the inflammation of the knee joint and induce synovitis and synovial effusion. , Knee joint effusion, meniscus injury, etc.

Pain relief patch specific for knee synovitis. With continued maintenance, the hyperthermic synovitis is no longer painful, and the swelling, pain, and effusion are also gone.


  • Relieve pain
    External application for internal diseases and physiotherapy continue to improve the microecology of the knee joint and say goodbye to pain. Relieve soft tissue damage, reduce joint swelling and pain, and increase joint range of motion.

  • Deep Penetration for Consistent Heat
    This synovitis relief sticker is continuously hot and has strong penetration. This energy slowly penetrates the skin and reaches the depths of the body to better disperse the cold.

  • Fast and Effective
    This synovitis relief sticker is good for knee pain, synovitis, meniscus, arthritis. Works great, fast and efficient!

  • Easy to use
    Simply stick the sticker on the painful area. Put it on at night and tear it off in the morning. Long-lasting, soothing while sleeping, 8-12 hours of long-term knee joint care.


  • 1. Open the bag.
  • 2. Tear off the white release paper.
  • 3. Remove protective film and color bars.
  • 4. Stick to affected area and press firmly.
  • Peel off the adhesive and stick it to the seams, each sticker can be used for 12-24 hours.

  • Name: Special knee synovitis pain relief patch
  • Specifications: 6pcs/box
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Storage: Please keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Efficacy: Treatment of synovitis, hydroarticulation, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
  • 1 box OR 3 boxes* Specific pain relief patch for knee synovitis
  • Due to manual measurement, please allow slight measurement deviation.
  • Due to different displays and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.

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