Real Wood Tree Branch Wall Hook

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Size: 0.39-0.78 inches
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Handmade hook storage rack made from natural branches, original ecological and natural attitude, healthy and environmentally friendly


  • Variety of Shapes: Every pose is different.

  • Natural appearance: retain the natural bark, which is rough but not rough, and the whole body is hand-polished.

  • Bearing capacity: Each tree is naturally formed, and the whole body is polished. It has good load-bearing effect. A single hook can bear more than 10 kilograms. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as hanging clothes and hanging objects, and can also be used for decoration.

  • High fit: The back of the hook is planed to better fit the wall.

    Natural natural tree bark, each texture color is different, showing the beauty of nature. Tree bark, each texture color is different, showing the beauty of nature.


        • Dimensions: Height 5.9 inches, diameter 0.39-2.75 inches
        • Craftsmanship: Natural branches are cut and polished, insecticides and dust removed to retain the natural bark.

        Package contains:

        • 1*Solid wood branch wall hook

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