Zip bags in the shape of a pot

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TYPE: Set of 5 pieces: 5 * small bag
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ūüĒ•Save a lot of space in the kitchen, keep food tidy and stay fresh longer.ūüĒ•

Store your food and take it on the road without waste. Essential in any kitchen or home.

They are durable and equipped with a sealed zipper that can be placed in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

There is no need to buy plastic bags or plastic wrap, saving money and preventing plastic waste from harming the ocean and wildlife.


  • Safe, environmentally friendly material
    This bag is made of PE, BPA free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Thick and durable kitchen storage containers help keep food washable and chilled longer.

  • Zipper Design The zipper
    food storage bag with stylish potted design is your perfect companion for travel and camping. It can maintain the freshness of various snacks, fruits, vegetables, cookies, biscuits and sandwiches. It can be picked up and taken with you.
  • Moisture-proof, keep cool, keep cool
    The fashionable box-shaped food storage zipper bag has good airtightness, leak-proof, and can keep food fresh. The design of the reusable glasses bag is the perfect companion for your travels and camping.

Reusable bolsas

  • Unique and practical design
    It is light, easy to store (can be placed independently when full), saves space and has the unique appearance of a real glass jar. They are widely used for packaging food, non-food, liquid (peanut butter, oil), etc. It has a variety of sizes from 150ml to 1 liter to meet all your needs. Start saving money and space in your kitchen today and fight plastic pollution with millions of people around the world!

Reusable bolsas

  • Thickened sealing
    strip The sealing strip is convenient to seal, and the multi-layer sealing strip makes the sealing more solid, airtight and waterproof, and can be reused. The bag can stand up or lay flat without spilling food.


  • Material:¬†PE
  • PETIE BAG:¬†15.7*10.7cm
  • MEDIUM BAG:¬†19.5*13.7cm
  • LARGE BAG:¬†24.5*17.1cm
  • BAG LONG:¬†30.7*10.7cm

The package includes:

1*5-piece set: 5*small bag


1*10pcs set: 3*big bag+4*medium bag+3*small


1*20pcs set: 5*small bag+5*big bag+5*medium bag+5*long bag

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