Retractable Hook for Garden Pots, Bird Feeder

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 Retractable hook for garden pots, bird feeder 🧚‍
Our retractable hook gives your home a convenient view for hanging flower pots, and bird feeders 


  • Durable : The hook and nylon rope are strong enough to hold a 15kg (Maximum) flower or plant basket. Don't worry about sturdiness, your flower or plant pots will be safe with the adjustable supports.
  • Retractable Plant Hanger : There is a durable strap inside for hanging, the maximum extension length could be up to 35 inches (90cm). You can raise or lower the plant very quickly and lock any position you want with this drop down hanger. And feeding is easier and more convenient, no need to climb stairs.
  • Easy to use : Pull the rope vertically towards the ground at the desired height, if it has not been locked, do not release it immediately and then pull 1 to 3 cm with the slowest speed to lock it.
  • Pulley design for hanging decorative plants, flower baskets, flower pots, bird cage, can be used in the garden, eaves, home, porch, balcony, but not suitable for outdoor wind. The products can keep your plants healthy and alive without mess.


  • Load capacity from 1kg to 15kg, do not hang less than 1kg of plants or do not hang heavy because of suspension connection with internal flexibility spring
  • The product is mainly designed for hanging indoors not outdoors.


  • Maximum extension length : 35 inches (90 cm)
  • Load capacity : 1kg - 15kg
  • Color : black
  • Rope : High strength PET nylon rope


  • 1 * Hook or 2 * Hooks

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