Professional Car Care Cleaning Wipes

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🚙Professional Car Care Cleaning Wipes

🚗Protect your car better💦

  • ✅ DUAL PURPOSE – This is a 2 in 1 cloth, it can be used on both the interior & exterior of any vehicle. This towel is the complete car detailing solution - External use, soaks up moisture and pulls out dirt, grease & stubborn marks & Internal use, gently polish most surfaces free from dust, grease & grime
  • ✅ SCRATCH, SWIRL & LINT FREE - Ultra fine fibres effortlessly attract and lift dirt, dust and grease from any surface. Microfibres are so effective that no chemicals or soaps are needed, just a little water
  • ✅ SCRATCH FREE - The microfibre material this towel is made of is non-abrasive and will not leave scratches or lint on your paintwork, glass or mirrors.
  • ✅ AMAZING QUALITY – This is a top quality super thick soft plush microfiber towel which is officially clear once you see and feel this item. The perfect size of: 45cm x 38cm
  • ✅ MACHINE WASHABLE - These towels can be machine washed and tumble dried for long lasting use. Long lasting, simply wash clean, and use again & again


  • Color: yellow + gray
  • Size: 30*40cm
  • Material: polyamide fiber

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