Positive Thoughts Lotus Pattern Ring

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🌺Attract kindness and empathy into your life🌺

How would you like the world around you to be a  better place? Wear this beautiful ring with a lotus on it to remind yourself that the world is beautiful. Protect yourself and your loved ones

This ring will bring you love, strength, courage and positive thoughts. The ring is engraved on the inside with  the powerful words of the Buddhist.   It is handmade and blessed by Tibetan Buddhist monks.       

Perfect gift for him or her

The holidays are fast approaching and that means you're back looking for goodies. How nice it would be if you could surprise your loved ones with a perfect gift in the form of strength, support, wisdom, love or friendship by giving them this ring.


• Find inner peace:  helps you stay calm and find your inner peace. This ring will give you courage, love, strength and positive thoughts.  

•  Attract  happiness and kindness: Wearing the Lotus helps attract happiness, kindness and generosity. Exactly the things we are missing right now.

 • Helps you make the right decisions:  The sacred ring text will help you make the right decisions so that your wishes come true

• Adjustable:  The ring is adjustable thanks to its unique open design. It adapts to every finger because you can adjust it to your ideal size.

 • High Quality Material: It is made of high quality solid 925 sterling silver (nickel free - 100% suitable for allergy sufferers). 

The magic of the ring (engraved on the ring)

  • The ancient ring text - focuses on seeing things for what they really are.
  • Seeing the interdependence of all things - we can come to the realization that their true value and definition does not reside in themselves.
  •  It can completely eliminate ignorance - the germ of samsara and suffering - from our minds. 

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  • 1 * Positive Thoughts Lotus Pattern Ring

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