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Small tools lead to big results - plant stands are the secret to achieving the lush garden of your dreams.


  • Improve plant growth
    By supporting plants, plant support clips help improve plant growth and overall health.

  • Prevent plant damage
    When plants become too tall and heavy, they may bend or break. Plant support clamps help prevent this damage by keeping plants upright.

  • More output
    Supporting plants with plant support clips prevents damage and enables better absorption of nutrients, resulting in increased yields.

  • Improve air circulation
    Plant support clips help create space between plants, allowing for better air circulation and reducing the risk of disease.

  • can be used again
    Plant support clips can be reused season after season, making them more durable than disposable ones.

  • Easy to install
    Plant stands are easy to install and can be used with a variety of plants. Plant support clips help save space in your garden or greenhouse by keeping plants upright and compact.

  • save space
    Plant supports can help you create a clean look in your garden as plants are supported and organized.


  • material: plastic
  • color: White
  • Dimensions: 3 cm in diameter, 1 cm in height

Package contains:

  • 50 pcs or 100 pcs or 150 pcs* Plant Support Clips


  • Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.
  • Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.

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