Handheld Shower Head Extender Kit for Hair Washing Pet Shower

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💧Perfect for washing babies, pets, or simply washing hair in the sink or dishes in the kitchen💧


  • Flexible stretch extendable up to 2 meters
  • Multi-use: washing hair, babies, pets or dishes in the kitchen
  • Elegant and functional
  • Instant connection, including adapters
  • Manual button to quickly convert large and small water jet modes


  • this hand shower kit is a very convenient accessory at home.
  • the flexible hose extends up to 2 meters, and thanks to the adjustable water jet modes , it is possible to adapt the power of the jet to your needs, based on whether you have to clean your hair , the dishes, the dog or the baby.
  • the hand shower set comes with all the components needed to be assembled including adapters for household taps.
  • Flexible and does not twist, fixed with a convenient support with double-sided adhesive that allows it to be fixed to the tiles or to the wall without making any holes.
  • any existing sink or fountain in the bathroom or kitchen is enough to make the connection in a very simple and quick way as it is compatible with nearly any tap.
  • The shower support can also be mounted near the toilet if there is no bidet.


  • 1 set * Handheld Shower Head

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