Color night light

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Color night light

Product instructions:

  •  Turn the power switch to the ON position to turn on the power. At this time, the yellow light is on.
  •  In the yellow light mode, press and hold the MODE button at the bottom of the product to adjust the light brightness. When the appropriate brightness is adjusted, loosen your hand to stay at the current brightness;
  •  Each time you press the MODE button at the bottom of the product, you can switch a lighting mode. The order of the modes is: yellow light on, RGB colorful gradient, current color pause, resume RGB colorful gradient, RGB alternate flashing, white light on, SOS.The signal lights flash and cycle in sequence;
  •  Press the corresponding buttons on the remote control to switch the mode, adjust the brightness of the yellow light, turn on / off the light, and turn off the light at 30 minutes.
  • When the brightness of the light becomes weak, it means that the battery power is insufficient. Please connect the USB charging cable to the power supply, and then plug the USB tap into the USB port on the side of the product to charge the product. The charging indicator will light up when charging, and charge after the battery is fully charged
  • In order to carry out and use conveniently, the lanyard can be threaded into the lanyard hole at the bottom of the product and fastened, which is convenient for hanging and using the product.


  • Model Number: A.LED.Nightlight.Mini.12PC
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Product Dimensions:91*70.5(mm)
  • Material: Plastic

Package  Include:

1*Color night light

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