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Please keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion. We are not responsible for any accidents such as accidental ingestion or accidental contact!

Protect your home from pesky cockroach infestations with our cockroach control insecticide bait!
Never let cockroaches invade your space again!

A powerful gel-based cockroach control designed to eliminate these pesky and stubborn pests without the need for direct spraying. It is formulated with the same seductive and toxic blend that will attract almost any type of cockroach. Let these stubborn nasty bugs feast on it, wreak havoc on their systems and kill them successfully. Additionally, this cockroach gel contains powerful toxins that eliminate cockroach colonies and their ovarian formation, something other products cannot do. With just a light touch, the overwhelming cockroach-killing ingredients kick in and do the job.

How is cockroach gel bait different from other baits?

This cockroach killing gel is powerful in killing cockroaches and contains a blend of odorless poison with attractive ingredients. So, just leave it in place and you will naturally attract the nasty bugs while making sure they eat this pest control mixture.

Regular insecticides, on the other hand, only work through direct contact, giving these tough cockroaches a chance to escape the spray and hide in crevices. Additionally, gel baits contain a highly contagious toxin and a slow, long-lasting kill effect, giving other cockroaches that eat the gel more time to bring the poison back to their nests and eliminate them effectively. Unlike traditional spraying methods, it gives you a safer and more effective way to control cockroach activity in your home in the long term.

  • Highly effective anti-cockroach gel formula:
    Formulated with special active ingredients, it has excellent slow-acting cockroach killing poison and attractive qualities that cockroaches can't refuse! It cleverly attracts insects and prevents them from crawling into your space, especially away from food sources. Its formula allows cockroaches that eat the bait to retain the powerful toxin in their body, thus contaminating other cockroaches with which they come into contact. Giving you the power to easily kill these notoriously difficult to eliminate insects and their colonies in just days. It comes with a 100% odor-free formula, allowing you to safely leave it around your bait area without emitting unpleasant noxious chemical odors. Don't worry because its effectiveness lasts up to 90 days.

  • Quick and easy cockroach killing properties:
    This cockroach killing gel effortlessly transforms any cockroach-infested home into a safer, pest-free space you can stay in comfortably. Simply take out the gel bait, strategically place one or more in areas where you typically find pests, and voila. No more complicated setups and unnecessary tools. You can also use double-sided tape to stick them securely to the ground, or mount them to walls and surfaces they can climb on.

  • Multi-scenario applications:
    The gel bait has a small and compact design with powerful cockroach control capabilities, trapping and eliminating cockroaches no matter where you place it. Offering versatile application, it is perfect and safe for eliminating a minor cockroach nuisance or a nasty large-scale infestation. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, under sinks, corners, baseboards, cabinets, basements, workplaces, etc. No need to worry as it is small enough to blend into your space and go unnoticed, and is odorless for overall safety and health.

What makes our cockroach gel bait so special?

  • Provides active ingredients to successfully kill all types of cockroaches
  • Effectively kills entire cockroach colonies, even newly laid eggs, in just a few days
  • It has a slow killing effect that instantly poisons cockroaches that eat it and intelligently transports the toxin to infect and eliminate the cockroach colony.
  • Has attractive qualities that are sure to attract cockroaches
  • Very versatile, traps cockroaches well in different areas, corners and surfaces
  • 100% odorless and safe to use around people
  • No smoke or steam
  • Small and compact, stay hidden
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Effectively lasts up to 90 days

The package includes:

  • 1 * Cockroach Bait Station

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