Sunshades for Car, 2 Packs

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Do your kids complain too much about the sunlight and heat in the back seat?  The Car Sunshades can protect your loved ones in their car seats or booster seats from the Sun!


Product Features:

  • Material: Made of environment-friendly high-elastic polyester mesh fabric, which is used for protecting your loved ones from the Sun and mosquitoes.
  • SUN PROTECTION: when the sun went through these and onto your face,the back seat is noticeably cooler by several degrees with these on. It is like being under a shaded tree, some light penetrates but not enough to make you feel hot or squint
  • DRIVING SAFETY: they're sturdy but flexible and fit over the window perfectly. Since they're double-sided, you can roll the windows down and still have protection from the glare,It's literally like having screens on your windows
  • PERFECT ENJOYMENT: if you're someone who sleeps in your car while you're traveling, these would be perfect for airflow because, like I just stated, you can roll your window down and still have coverage
  • Super easy installation: Just pull down the mesh over the open car door.
  • Good ventilation: Able to roll down the windows after installing this car window shade. So you can enjoy the nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the Sun.

Package Includes:

1 X Sunshades for Car, 2 Packs

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