Car Door Edge Protectors Sealing Strips

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Car door sealing strips for

Edge protection, noise reduction, dustproof



  • Noise Reduction : Reduces noise in the car, reduces wind noise, and relieves noise when the door is closed. If you think the engine is too loud, you can also take a ride on the hood.
  • Good seal : In dry weather, it prevents dust from entering the car. On rainy days, rain is prevented from entering the door crack. In winter, it isolates the cold air outside the car. In summer, it prevents the air conditioning from escaping in the car.
  • B Shaped Design : An improved universal car gasket that replaces other D, P, Z and O shaped strips.
  • Ease of installation : All you need to do is glue it along the contour of the door.
  • Recommended use amount (different car models will be different): hood 5m, single door 4m, trunk cover 5m, whole car 26m.


  • Material : EPDM foam
  • Size : 12mm * 6mm * 5m
  • Weight : 135g


  • 1 Roll of Car Door Sealing Strips

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