Bounce Off Activate Ball Table Game

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Do you feel bored staying home? Well, you need a well made and interesting toy to take on boring time like this Jumping Ball Tabletop Game. Play it with your friends or family, it can not only bring you joy but also improve relationships.



  • High Quality: Made of environmentally friendly ABS plastics, which are harmless to human body. Safe and durable enough.
  • Brain Enhancement: Contributing to brain development and improving hand-eye coordination. Your kids can be a lot more than just having fun.
  • Strengthening Relationships: Play with your children. It can improve the relationship between children and parents by providing an opportunity for communication.
  • Enjoy the Fun: Race to recreate the pattern on the challenge map by bouncing balls into the grid. Anyone can be a winner.
  • Throw the ball game, which is split into two teams first, one or two people per team. Take the ball of your own color, select the card, and toss the ball onto the chassis according to the card's pattern. The throwing method can be played as you like, you can play the floor, you can also play the wall, or you can throw it directly. If the team takes the lead in designing the card pattern, it wins. You can adjust the spacing of the throwing ball to control the difficulty level.
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 33 * 4.5 * 22cm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • 1 * game board
  • 4 * ball holder
  • 9 * playing card
  • 16 * balls

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