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Indispensable on every route


  • As an avid cyclist, you know how important it is to have access to your smartphone while cycling, whether it's for navigation, music or quick calls. It offers the perfect solution.

  • The transparent, touchscreen-enabled compartment allows you to store your smartphone safely and at the same time use it without restrictions. This means you always have access to GPS, your favorite music or incoming calls while driving.

  • The case scores with its robust and waterproof construction, which protects your smartphone from rain, dust and impact damage. In addition, it is equipped with a non-slip material that holds your bike firmly even on bumpy roads.

  • The design takes into account not only functionality but also quick access. A simple zipper enables quick opening and closing.

  • In addition to the mobile phone compartment, the bag also offers extra storage space for personal items such as keys, wallet or other important items.

  • That way you always stay organized. The stylish and slim design makes the bag an ideal companion for daily commutes, long bike rides or spontaneous excursions.

  • Get it and experience how you can make your bike rides safer and more fun. Stay connected and navigate effortlessly through any journey, whether it's in bright sunshine or pouring rain.

  • It is the perfect choice for every cyclist who values ​​efficiency, safety and comfort. Note: Check if your smartphone will fit in the pocket.

Product information:

  • Mounting method: Velcro
  • Size: 206*100*115MM
  • Weight: 175g
  • Applies to mobile phones with body size within 168*90*9mm (4.7-6.8 inches)

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