360-Degree Rotating Garden Sprinkler

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Type: Rotating Shower Head(Bifurcation Shape)
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Are you tired of manually watering gardens and lawns on hot summer days?

This automatic rotating sprinkler can free your hands, allows you to do other things while watering your garden lawn.

The sprinkler will efficiently water your lawn and plant with precise coverage. The spray nozzles with adjustable angles, it is the ideal choice for large-sized yard watering.

Except for watering the garden, this sprinkler is also a perfect choice for kids to create a mini water park, where allows your kids and pets to have fun together.

The sprinkler can be connected in series to form a large-area spray automatic irrigation system without any auxiliary power equipment.


  • [360-degree Rotation] Three-arm and 360-degree rotating garden sprinklers give your yard maximum water exposure and cool down on hot sunny days.

  • [High Efficiency And Water Saving] This sprinkler provides rain-like coverage that evenly waters plants. Water-saving design can make good use of all the water to water your garden well by adjusting the water density and scope, reduce water waste greatly.
  • [Easy To Use] You need to connect the water joint to the connector and tap. The ground plug type needs to be inserted deeply into the ground and never worry about it would moving or tipping over. Link faucet, turn on water switch, start watering your garden and lawn.

  • [Wide Application] This sprinkler can be used for automatic irrigation systems, garden yard watering, etc. Also is an effective choice for children to play outdoors and enjoy the happiness brought by sprinklers with children.
  • [High Quality] Made of plastic material, corrosion-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, not easy break, anti-aging, make sure a long service life.


  • Material:ABS
  • Type:    Rotating Shower Head(Bifurcation Shape)

                      Rotating Shower Head(Butterfly Shape)

                      Ground plug rotating shower head

  • Size: 

Package included:

1PC * Rotating Shower Head(Bifurcation Shape)/  Rotating Shower Head(Butterfly Shape)/  Ground plug rotating shower head

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